The Tuesday Letter: Inside SCL

Released in the public interest, 2010 correspondence from Strategic Communication Laboratories / Cambridge Analytica’s Alexander Nix to then Nigerian President Dr. Goodluck Jonathan

Russian Hybrid Offensives: November Statement to Parliament

Below is the unedited text of a statement sent to to the UK Parliament’s Fake News Inquiry on November 21 2017.

The intention at the time of its submission was to provide Parliament and MPs the time to deal with inevitable future disinformation campaigns led by the Kremlin.

Global Intelligence Assessment, New Year 2018

The Kremlin (RU) have commenced an undeclared hybrid war on the West, designed to destabilise the UK, US, EU and subsequently NATO, thus freeing itself of sanctions and monitors while allowing it to make more money – Confidence: High Internally in RU this is supported by the unholy alliance of organised crime and intelligence services…