Getting Ready Together

This leaflet is being made electronically available to all residents of what is currently known as the United Kingdom, free of charge. It was inspired by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency publication “If Crisis Or War Comes”, 2018.

The purpose of the brochure is to help us get ready for expected and unexpected events from serious incidents and extreme weather, to critical infrastructure attacks and hybrid or traditional military conflicts. Brexit and its economic and societal impact are a key concern.

At all costs we must defend freedom, peace, and democracy yet we must understand that this is no longer being catered for by Parliament, public authorities, county councils, or the private companies and organisations responsible for ensuring that society functions. Rather, we now share the collective responsibility for our own security and safety.

We are currently under threat from internal and external forces and our willingness to assist one another is our one unifying asset. By getting ready together, we can all contribute to the survival of what remains of decency.

Getting Ready Together